Marleen & Jeroen

Marleen (1987) and Jeroen Brouwer (1990) worked as cooks in the kitchens of national and international Michelin-starred restaurants before opening their first restaurant. Marleen worked at De Librije in Zwolle, Jeroen at ‘t Schulten Hues in Zutphen and together they worked at Kobe Desramaults in In De Wulf, Belgium, among others.

De Loohoeve

In 2016 they become the owners of Restaurant & Hotel De Loohoeve in Schoonloo in Drenthe, where they realize their dream: pampering guests with top-quality dishes in an accessible atmosphere.

The refreshing, unorthodox approach and high standard of the cuisine lead to awards, top reviews in national and regional newspapers and high rankings in restaurant guides.
In 2018, for example, they won the Dutch Cooking Championship (the competition for the Golden Chef’s Hat), Marleen was named Hostess of the Year 2019 by Gault&Millau and they were featured in the documentary series ‘De Nieuwe Garde’. As the icing on the cake, they will receive their first Michelin star in 2018. They are currently rated by Gault&Millau with 16/20 points and De Loohoeve is one of the best 66 restaurants in the Netherlands according to Lekker.


Because the burden of the hotel weighs too heavily on the culinary ambitions that Marleen & Jeroen have and because they want to focus completely on just a restaurant, they decide to sell De Loohoeve.

In February 2022 they will open Restaurant Noor in the Theresiakapel in Groningen. Here they will continue to realize their ambitions with an approach that is slightly different from the usual. A new chapter begins!


2014 – Jeroen Brouwer joins De Loohoeve
2015 – Marleen Brouwer joins De Loohoeve
2015 – Jeroen & Marleen co-owner De Loohoeve
2016 – “Gouden Koksmes” cooking competition won
2016 – Takeover De Loohoeve
2016 – Positive review by Mac van Dinter in de Volkskrant
2016 – Positive review by Jacques Hermus in the DvhN
2017 – De Loohoeve joined restaurant association JRE
2017 – “Bronzen Koksmes” cooking competition won for the 2nd time
2017 – Report Misset Horeca De Loohoeve
2017 – Inside in place 100 in the Lekker500.
2018 – Won the “Gouden Koksmuts” cooking competition
2018 – Jeroen & Marleen featured in the documentary “De Nieuwe Garde
2018 – De Loohoeve rises with 17 places in the Lekker top 100
2018 – De Loohoeve named “Restaurant of the Year” by JRE
2018 – Marleen Brouwer “Hostess of the Year” Gault&Millau 2019
2018 – De Loohoeve increased from 15/20 to 16/20 points Gault&Millau
2018 – De Loohoeve receives its first Michelin star
2019 – Large article in the Dagblad van het Noorden
2019 – De Loohoeve cooks for charity “24hour chef”
2019 – Great review in NRC by Joël Broekaert
2019 – De Loohoeve leaves JRE after 3 years of membership.
2019 – Jeroen & Marleen announce move to Groningen.
2020 – Collaboration book “from the hand of top chefs“.
2020 – Video: Collaboration The Best Chef Awards “Dutch Mission
2021 – Lustrum celebration De Loohoeve
2021 – Nick Nijkamp finalist “National Hennessy Hospitality Award 2021
2021 – De Loohoeve announces sale and relocation of Groningen
2021 – De Loohoeve announces sale and relocation of Groningen
2021 – De Loohoeve rises 17 points in the Lekker500 from 83 to 66th place
2021 – Press release opening restaurant Noor Groningen
2022 – Opening Noor Groningen


2018-present – 1 Michelin star (De Loohoeve)

Gault&Millau (De Loohoeve)
2014 – 13/20
2015 – 14/20
2016 – 15/20
2018-present – 16/20

Lekker500 (De Loohoeve)
2014-2017 – listed in Lekker500
2017 – Position 100
2018 – Position 83, up 17 points and biggest climber
2021 – Rank 66, up 17 points