Hi! We are Marleen & Jeroen and we have recently moved to beautiful Groningen to open Noor. Noor has secretly been a dream for us for a long time, a small restaurant in a big city with an exceptional high-level experience as the ultimate goal.

Everything we could dream of is in Noor, from Chef’s Table to a large wine display behind glass … we all succeeded!

Why Noor? Very simple, when Marleen got pregnant Noor was the name for when we had a girl. The good thing is that we eventually got Mees, so we could use Noor for our new restaurant.

Noor stands for “Light, Flame, Enlightening, Honor, God Is My Light”, words that fit well with us and the Theresiakapel.

Furthermore, you can think of all kinds of things, but we will not explain it too much more. You have to experience Noor.