Press release

Schoonloo, December 3, 2021

Jeroen and Marleen Brouwer reveal name and opening date new restaurant Groningen

Jeroen and Marleen Brouwer’s new restaurant in Groningen will be named ‘Noor’. The restaurant, located in the monumental Theresiakapel, will officially open its doors on 1 March 2022 after a ‘soft opening’. The Brouwer couple has sold their star restaurant De Loohoeve in Schoonloo in Drenthe and will close its doors there from January 23, 2022.

Jeroen and Marleen Brouwer’s new restaurant in the Theresiakapel in Groningen will be named Noor. Marleen Brouwer: “We chose that name because it is a short and powerful name that can be pronounced in almost any language. And the restaurant is located in the north of the Netherlands. We also had this name in mind in 2018 when our new restaurant was starting to take shape and I was pregnant. Eventually our son Mees was born, but if it had become a girl, we would have called her Noor.”

Soft opening
From February 8, 2022, Noor will open with a ‘soft opening’ for newsletter subscribers and relations. The official opening will follow on March 1, 2022. Newsletter subscribers can book with priority from December 3, 2021 for a table from February 8, 2022. From 1 January 2022, other interested parties can reserve a table from 1 March and the remaining tables in February. You can register for the newsletter via the website www.noor.nl.

Chef’s Table

Wines in the priest’s choir
At the moment, hard work is being done on the renovation of the chapel, which dates from 1927. Jeroen Brouwer: “Everything is going according to plan and things are going fast. The Palux kitchen, for example, has already been installed. There will also be the integrated chef’s table. The restaurant has 40 seats and one of the eye-catchers is the priest’s choir, from which the wines are served. From March 1, we will be open from Tuesday to Saturday for lunch and dinner, except on Tuesday, when there is no lunch.”

For the realization of restaurant Noor, the Brouwer couple issues ‘Noor & Friends’ certificates in the form of vouchers. The vouchers entitle, among other things, to priority when booking, priority on waiting lists, a personal tour on the first visit, one-time pick-up and return service within the region, gifts for repeat visits and an invitation to special events. Depending on the value, they also provide a fully catered lunch or dinner in the restaurant, or at the chef’s table in the kitchen. The vouchers cost €250 and €400 and are limited in availability. More information can be found on the website www.noor.nl.

farewell menu
Jeroen and Marleen Brouwer say goodbye to De Loohoeve with a special farewell menu and a farewell arrangement with the best of De Loohoeve. This menu is served between January 6 and 22.