Noor wants to give you an intimate dining experience, an evening without a single thought of yesterday or tomorrow. We will share the stories of our farmers and artisans who contributed to your experience and our philosophy.

Our kitchen is focused on cooking with seasonal ingredients, we work directly with fishermen, hunters, gatherers and (livestock) farmers to work with the best products.

The restaurant can accommodate up to 36 people and a maximum of 4 people can sit at the Chef’s Table.


In the restaurant we serve two different 6-course menus and a small à la carte menu with individual dishes.

The seasonal menu contains everything we stand for: quality, simplicity and passion. A combination of modern flavors and classic preparations with worldly influences. Lots of fish and vegetables and sometimes a bit of meat.

In the afternoon we also serve a shortened seasonal menu, if desired served within 1.5 hours.

The Prestige menu is for lovers of exclusive products that you can only eat in a few places in an entire menu. Think turbot, Japanese Wagyurund, wild sea bass, langoustines, oysters, caviar, truffle. This menu can only be ordered per whole table.

Seasonal menu
€135 diner
€90 lunch

Prestige menu
€210,- per persoon

Because we like to let you enjoy quietly, we take the order from the menus at the latest at 13.00 and 20.00.
We serve our menus for the entire company of the table.

The prices are valid until August 2022.

Food wishes & allergies

We offer a complete vegetarian menu. However, we do not serve vegan cuisine.

Our dishes consist of a large number of parts and ingredients, each of which contributes to the ultimate experience. We can take into account allergies and dietary requirements, provided they are mentioned at the time of booking. Please note, however, that we cannot meet (diet) wishes and allergies that we believe do not suit the character of our dishes, our cooking style or the composition of the menu.

A surcharge may be charged for changes/adjustments in the menu.
If you make a last minute reservation, it is important to know that we will no longer make changes to our dishes on the day itself.